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    Client mods for Acid-Nation - (CANCELLED)


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    Client mods for Acid-Nation - (CANCELLED) Empty Client mods for Acid-Nation - (CANCELLED)

    Post  AcidicTaco on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:30 am

    As of now I have installed something called itemcraft which allows mods like Planes, slopes, and more to run with bukkit in smp. However this does require client-side mods to your copy of minecraft. Fortunately I've made much easier by giving you a small .zip with all the modified files in there.

    List of mods
    -ModLoaderMP (unofficial)

    WINDOWS: download.php?unlsqhc91tdooyq
    #1 Open the .zip
    #2 Open your .minecraft folder (not the minecraft.jar)
    #3 Drag and drop the contents of the .zip into the .minecraft folder
    #4 Done! Run minecraft!

    MAC: currently in need of a mac user to install the mods on there copy of minecraft and put the modified files in a .zip

    Other info
    All your texture packs will still work as I have already patched the minecraft.jar to work with HD texture packs! You can modify the plane textures if you like.

    If you want a flymod just install it in the modified minecraft.jar.

    You will be unable to connect to any other servers unless you remove the mods from your copy of minecraft.

    You can still play single player, but it will include the super slopes, fancypack, and planes mod in the game.

    Mod info
    I will post info on the mods once it is confirmed that they are working

    NOTE: the server is down currently because itemcraft and craftbukkit are run separately so our hosting service has to modify the start command before I can do anything! It may take some time before the server will be back up.

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