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    Warfare is a team based survival game in which players of the same team work together to collect the most supplies and be the most successful. The teams are pitted against each other in a limited area where they must figure out the best strategy to defend their base from the opposing team(s).

    • No use of client-side modifcations to minecraft that enhance your ability over that of a player with no modifcations are permitted.
    • No abuse of glitches.
    • No disconnecting from the server if an opposing team member is about to kill you. 1st violation will be disregared. 2nd violation will result in usage of a kill command by a staff member. 3rd violation will result in a ban from the server.
    • No destruction of team bases such that the intentions are other than to weaken their ability to survive.
    • No revealing of plans or intentions exclusive to a team for multiple teams.

    A team will have one leader and one only. Leaders may be selected if they are staff members or elected by the community. Other players will initially start on the group 'Rogue' but from there will ask the leader of a group if they may join their team. Leaders are entitled to turn down requests, but only if their team has enough members as is, such that it is not significantly lesser than the opposing team(s). Leaders can also cast out any members at any time if they are found undesired or working against the team. Members of a team are also entitled to leave a team if they find need be.

    The map is to be limited by a bedrock wall that surrounds the entire area of land in which the players will occupy. The boundary size may vary as found necessary. The map itself will be selected by a staff member or by popular vote of the community. The map should include a terrain with enough features to keep combat and survival decisive, entertaining, and fair. There must also be a sufficient amount of ores to supply teams with tools, armor, and other items. There is to be only one spawn point on which all teams will spawn. New players will spawn in remote location that will briefly explain the rules and some documentation with a provided link to this documentation. From this players will be directed to the actual spawn point in which they will spawn on upon death. Teams are not limited to one base or a set location. They may create a base anywhere within the boundaries of the map.

    Undisplayed moderators will be a group, along with Adminstrators, to execute and uphold the rules of this document. This includes, but is not limited to, banning griefers, hackers, adding 'Rogue's to teams, killing players through command entry, and general moderation of disputes. Moderators and Adminstrators will not receive any permissions allowing usage of commands to give them an advantage in survival over that of 'Rogue' players.

    All mobs will spawn under normal conditions. There will be no looping of daytime on the world. TNT and fire spread will completely enabled, unless found necessary to prevent acts griefing on the server. Chest locks will be removed entirely, unless possible to open by any player. Storms will no longer be prevented and will occur as they do normally.

    Warfare is not restricted to any set amount of time. It goes for as long as the community still finds it entertaining. There is no winning or losing condition due to that this event is only for the entertainment of the community.

    These plugins are exclusive to warfare and will not be used in Acid-Nation's default state.

    Used so that people on the same team cannot damage each other. This does not include people in the 'Rogue' group.

    Allows for 'totem poles' to be constructed that can heal or damage players and tamed wolves. Each 'totem pole' does 1/2 a heart of healing or damage. Effects cab cancel each other out or stack up to 2 hearts of healing or 1 1/2 hearts of damage. Healing and damage from 'totem poles' is global and effects all players on all teams if they are in range. A redstone signal can be used to control whether a 'totem pole' is on or off. If the redstone is on then the 'totem pole' effects are off. View the screenshot below for the design. The one with glowstone does healing and the netherrack one does damage.

    Warfare Documentation 20111012204951

    This document is subject to change

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