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    For Morzan: My stuff in the Nether


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    For Morzan: My stuff in the Nether Empty For Morzan: My stuff in the Nether

    Post  Lifewing431 on Tue May 31, 2011 8:27 pm

    Ok, Morzan, I had a full inventory, so....

    20 gold pickaxes (got as an op)
    4 stacks of 64 netherack (from the nether)
    23 iron ore (underground-world hole)
    13 wood (not planks- from trees)
    2 diamond blocks (not the ore, the building block)
    5 black wool (from evil sheep)
    12 gold blocks (same as diamond)
    36 coal
    21 light blue wool
    1 map
    54 cacti
    1 of every diamond tool (found diamond, also got 21 pieces as op)
    2 grey wool (lots of sheep spawned)
    13 dirt (creeper exploded)
    52 iron ingots (from lots of digging)
    19 beige mushrooms (from nether)
    1 cooked pork (Zombie pigman)
    1 bone
    17 sand (Don't really need, but I got it from the beach)
    19 redstone (world hole)
    1 saddle (dungeon)
    20 wood planks (from cutting trees and crafting)
    1 door (creeper explosion)
    3 leather (I killed poor, innocent cows)
    64 cobble stone (digging out my house
    2 yellow flowers (from the ground)
    1 egg (spy chiken xD)
    1 obsidian (from attempting to rebuild the portal)

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